The Esri 2020 Dev Summit Has Gone Virtual

Let’s be honest, there is a bit of love for the Dev Summit. Those who attended the first one, we look each other in the eye and do that subtle nod knowing we were part of something amazing.

Now the funny thing about the Dev Summit. I don’t think I’ve been back since 2009. I ended up going a different direction with my career after WeoGeo and while I don’t miss the Web ADF, I do miss the Dev Summit. Well the 2020 Dev Summit has been canceled.

Due to the continuously evolving circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, the Developer Summit will be a virtual event and not a live, in-person conference this year. This was a difficult decision, made after careful consideration for all registered attendees and Esri staff.

Makes total sense. The Business Partner Conference is still going to happen and they are going to take into consideration things:

The events team is working directly with all of our venues to provide readily available hand-sanitizing stations. Alcohol wipes will also be distributed at various locations throughout the event. The custodial personnel will be regularly disinfecting all common surfaces. Information regarding basic health practices will be displayed on signage that recommends how to avoid the flu and other illnesses.

Boy I can’t imagine going given the BPC is going to be such a small thing but maybe that is what makes it manageable. I know a couple people who have told me they aren’t going to attend the BPC this year, even before the cancelation of the Dev Summit because of COVID-19.

But let’s not focus on the bad, let’s focus on the great outcome of this. They are still going to do a livestream of the plenary as usual and make the sessions virtual. I’m still waiting to see what this looks like but it really could be useful. I’m not saying that conferences don’t have a part in today’s workplace, but having the virtual option helps immensely for those who just can’t break away to learn the latest technology from Esri.


2006 ESRI Developer Summit Announced

Link – 2006 ESRI Developer Summit

Join us for the first ESRI Developer Summit held on March 17 – 18, 2006 at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California is a two day event for GIS, Mapping, and Spatial Developers.

Event features include

  • Keynote presentations on developer opportunities in GIS
  • In-depth technical presentations by ESRI staff
  • Community Center
  • Tech Talks
  • Birds-of-a-Feather Forums

Thanks to Art, Rob and Brian for getting this going. I’ll be there.