Mapdex Now Supports Google Earth

Link – Mapdex in GoogleEarth 2

Mapdex is fully integrated with Google Earth. All mapservices that return a valid projection will have the ability to be added into Google Earth via network links.

Just like that, Mapdex now supports Google Earth. Jeremy was nice enough to also release the ColdFusion code to take any ArcIMS service and allow it to be viewed in Google Earth. Anyone who is currently offering up ArcIMS services should seriously think about offering Google Earth support as it is so easy to do.

Of course as always you can add these ArcIMS and WMS services to your ArcMap by following these instructions from ESRI.


Mapdex Supports Google Earth

Link – Mapdex in GoogleEarth

Thanks to encouragement from Stefan at Ogle Earth I have started working toward enabling ArcIMS servers indexed on Mapdex to be used in Google Earth via a network link/KML Ground Overlay script. It is actually pretty easy to convert an ArcIMS service into a KML network link. I will talk about it more in the next couple of days.

What a great resource! Kudos to Jeremy for doing this. The easier it is for GIS data to get out to the public the more useful it will be.

Update – Looks like Stefan is happy. 🙂

Thoughts – Web Map Server Search

Link –

Like it or not ESRI is a major player in web mapping. One of the projects ( I have been involved with has indexed over 1650 ArcIMS servers, serving nearly 30,000 map services, containing over 400,000 GIS layers. There is so much more out there’

Jeremy Bartley wrote that in the comments of Google, ESRI and FUD (15th reply). Most of the GIS web server sites we’ve created with ESRI server software have been behind firewalls and not available to the public. You’d have to just assume that ESRI’s total market penetration is so much higher than even GIS professionals assume. Mapdex is a really interesting project and if you really want to see what kind of web based GIS is available on the Internet, this is the place to start (outside of the Geography Network). As many Google Earthers are discovering, the information is out there, finding it is the problem. Mapdex could be the best way do find them out.

Jeremy also has a weblog, Mapdex Blog, that many should bookmark to follow more of this Internet web mapping phenomenon.