Tell me more about those Chickens

OK, I’ve gotten a couple IMs from people interested in the Chickens. They want to know what is required to enter. Well its easy. The project has to be related to ESRI in some way, with better credit given to those projects which use ArcGIS. If you’ve got an amazing MapObjects project, feel free to show it, but ArcGIS Engine would get you more “points”. Plus its not limited to just embedded GIS or server GIS. You can submit anything you’ve created with Desktop also (VB, .NET, VBA) and try and win something also. Heck with 4 prizes available, you might just win something if everyone else is too lazy.

Someone also asked me if it has to work. Well working code is better than non-working code so you might want to get it to do something before submitting it. But hey, 50% of something cool is better than nothing and that might be enough to win a Chicken.

Oh and some people have RSVP’d so I now at least a couple people will win a prize. And who wouldn’t want a Chicken on their desk inspiring them to program better GIS applications?

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