The 2009 ESRI Developer Summit (and the 2009 Business Partner Conference) is upon us

I’ll be heading out from Tempe on Saturday for the annual ESRI Business Partner Conference and the ESRI Developer Summit. As many of you already know, I’ll be presenting a talk on using the ArcGIS Server REST API with OpenLayers.

Using OpenLayers with ArcGIS Server REST API

Should be a good time getting everyone who is working with OpenLayers and ArcGIS Server or those who want to start working with it. OpenLayers support for ArcGIS is messy, but the pieces are coming together quickly so is a great time to get involved. And I’m not the only talk that covers using ArcGIS with Open Source tools. It isn’t about closed development environments anymore, it is about using the best tools to get the job done.

As I said above, I’ll be there all week so if you’d like to talk over an adult beverage GIS at either the Business Partner Conference or the Developer Summit, email me ( or call me on my mobile phone (602-819-2142).

Oh and don’t forget to RSVP for the DTSAgile DevSummit Party!

James takes his lion “OpenLayers” out on the GIS Wall of Death at the Developer Summit.

James takes his lion OpenLayers out on the GIS Wall of Death at the Developer Summit.

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