The ESRI Flex API vs the JavaScript API

OK, I’ll come clean. While Flex is a great tool, I can’t see how you’d not use the JavaScript API instead. Flex is still not available on every platform (I’m an iPhone elitist) and isn’t easily picked up by everyone. But more than one person said in last weeks thread on the JavaScript API that Flex was the way they are going. I’m curious is there a rising groundswell in Flex or are ESRI developers just an outlier to the overarching movement toward JavaScript?? FlexBuilder 3 is at least $250 (Pro is almost $700) and I just can’t see people bothering to buy an

What part of the Flex API makes you choose it over the JavaScript API?? If people are willing to block Flash, don’t you limit your marketplace by going that route over JavaScript?

Flex…..Savior of the Universe

Flex.....Savior of the Universe

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