The GIS Discussion

Blog baby!I’ve gotten a couple people asking me why I haven’t said much about the blog conversation topic that Dave, Adena, Allan and Frank have touched on. I’ve been traveling the last couple days and haven’t even been able to check me email, let alone read Planet GS.

I think everyone has pretty much hit on the major points of the discussion. I know there are many more people here that lurk than post on my blog and there isn’t anything wrong with that. When people feel they have something to add to the conversation, I’m sure they’ll do it. I do get comments that people seem to feel more comfortable emailing me than posting on my blog. So there are usually side conversations that happen that people never hear about. We’ll see how this progresses over the next year, but given where the GIS blog community was at this time in 2005, I think we’ll see great progress by 2007.

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