The gMap Workout Tracker

Link: Visualize Your Exercise Routes with Google Maps.

Our implementation loads the XML file (GPS coordinates) and draws a polyline between each point on a small delay to give the animated effect and route taken. We thought it would be cool to spice it up and added some other calculations like total time, total distance, pace, markers at different colored intervals, a loading bar, and stats.

Quite a big jump from the Gmap Pedometer. I’m just amazed at how quickly programmers have jumped on the Google Maps API. This implementation of the GMap API allows you to import your routes from the GPS unit, but I think that it has hit the wall as far as the API can go. Elevation is very important in these kinds of applications and at least for the time being, GMap API won’t be able to do this. Sportsim still runs circles around gMap Workout tracker, but given how quickly the have caught up it could only be a matter of time before we see a similar program using Google Maps especially since Google has all that terrain data in Google Earth.

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