The Holy Grail

This is clear to me:

FeatureServer + ArcSDE Data Store = Holy Grail

Being able to store data in ArcSDE, but still access it freely across any and all platforms. ArcGIS clients can hit ArcSDE and everyone else can enjoy data served by FeatureServer. But deep down this is even bigger than FeatureServer because really what I’m talking about is GDAL/OGR ArcSDE Vector Write Support. That opens up loads of open source projects to ArcSDE users and gives them the best of all worlds. ArcGIS Desktop/Server users can continue using ArcSDE they way they always have and open source solutions can come right in the front door and coexist with existing workflows. The benefit will be realized by users who will be able to get products that work best for them.

If I have to sell Amway door to door, I will get this project funded.


The gatekeeper will no longer be able to stop users from writing to ArcSDE from OGR.

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