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I’d respond on, but Adena is still trying to figure out why I can’t post there. Guess I’m just a spammer Adena!

You have to leave it to James Fee AKA Lefty AKA Anonymous to divert traffic from this website and milk the conversation for more ad click pennies!

Honestly James, when you can claim and rightly so to a certain degree, that archives snapshots of “what people were doing (with their websites) in the past” (your words), surely WHOIS can also help find that. Try this link ( I am sorry to see that you have little idea of how websites are registered- maybe website hosting is not your thing. Anyways, there is little need to “take pride in the fact that a Google search for ‘adjusted’ results in my blog as the top result” (your words and your need for an ego massage!). Why? Because a more likely reason is the relative number of websites with ‘adjusted’ either in the name or title.

Given what you reveal about your old-school knowledge of the internet, try being “with it” (your words) and some “spatial readjustment” (my words).

But glad to see you finally agreeing with us and beginning to appreciate the poly-centric “yada yada” (your words): “…there are tons of people who have no clue who the heck I am or even that I have a blog. I might have lots of readers in our little circle, but in the grand scheme of GIS as a whole I’m not even a blip on the screen” (your words).

And to think of it, I didn’t even know your blog until last week.

So please get back to this website, away from your spin zone and the comforts of your coterie and please don’t hide behind a pseudo name to post your reply. Thanks James Fee AKA Lefty AKA Anonymous AKA


7 Lorriana on 2006-08-04 12:28 (Reply)

Actually I have no response, I just wanted to make sure the world got to see this unstable comment. As Steve would say, “Don’t feed the troll!” Maybe it is a good thing I can’t post on AllPointsBlog right now.

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