The Java SIG from the back of the room

I poked my head into the Java SIG to see how it went and I was surprised to see so many Java developers as I was beginning to think there weren’t any. 😉 Anyway I was very happy to see how the SIG was run. Pretty much all Q&A, no demos. The Java devs pretty much asked asked away and the Java team responded to just about all the questions. I was happy to see when Steve Citron-Pousty asked how many developers read blogs and almost every hand went up (I’ve always said the Java developers were a smart and handsome bunch). Of course Steve was sadden to hear that most didn’t know he had a blog, but it does validate what I’ve been saying all this time. Developers look for information in areas that ArcGIS Desktop users do not. Blogs should be very important to ESRI’s community.

I was glad that some Java developers are reading this blog so I’ll try and pass on more Java info as I hear it. I’ll write up my final post on day 2 at the Dev Summit and my thoughts about the whole experience probably late tonight or tomorrow.

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