The One Where Tyler Bell Defines Big Data

This weeks hangout is now up on YouTube so if you missed my very special guest, Tyler Bell, you can enjoy his definition of “big data”, some old Yahoo! Geo projects that are still alive (and one that isn’t), place data and of course the part where he wishes he had a JSON feed of his credit card purchases.

As I mentioned on the show, next week will be something new. Madeline and I will have an open discussion where we’ll be talking about what it means to be a GIS Professional in 2013 (it’s almost here guys) and taking questions from you using Google Moderator. If you want to have me comment on a subject, whether it be my love of Flash or how I think the Dodgers are going to choke away the baseball season again, you can post the question and vote up others. I’ve already populated it with a couple of questions I get asked weekly.

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