The WebADF licensing issue revisited

At the .NET SIG, I asked the question about the cost of the licensing and the burden it places on developers. The response from ESRI was expected as we all know their reasons for charging the price, but a couple of people asked me what they can do about it. Well the best thing you can do is complain to ESRI. If they want to charge for another license of ArcGIS Server if you run the ADF on a separate server, then you need to let them know you can’t or won’t pay that. Some wondered why ESRI would bring up that they have large clients who think AGS is TOO INEXPENSIVE when most smaller customers can’t even keep their maintenance costs up to date. We all know that those ESRI customers who pay millions and millions for ESRI software and consulting do get beneficial treatment over those who have a couple licenses (and probably rightly so), but remember together we all add up to a big chunk of ESRI revenue.

All I can say if you are still unhappy with ESRI’s stance on this, just let them know. They listen to comments so if they see that “Cost of Web ADF” is a huge issue for a large number of people, they’ll respond. If the only people they hear are those large organizations saying they feel that ArcGIS Server should be $100k, then they’ll move that way.

Coming Right at us

ArcGIS costs are coming right at us!

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