This Week’s Hangout is With Gretchen Peterson

This week we’re stepping out of the IDE and getting artistic!

James Fee, renowned cartographer Gretchen Peterson, and Madeline Steele will chat about Gretchen’s new book, Cartographer’s Toolkit, some current events in cartography, and more. We will give free copies of Gretchen’s book to the two viewers who make the best comments during the live broadcast!

You can view the hangout live at; we’ll track your comments on both YouTube and Google+ and respond to them during the show! If you can’t make the live broadcast, the video will be archived on the same YouTube channel. This is the third episode of Hangouts with James Fee: Attitudes across Latitudes, and we go live at 10am, US PST.

That’s right, not only do you get to hear from Gretchen, but you can also win one of two copies of her latest book Cartographer’s Toolkit. I’d wager we are in the enlightened age of cartography so it will be great to hear Gretchen’s views on this.

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