This Week’s Hangout:: Professional Minecraft GIS

So we’re back at the Hangouts with a special one this week. Ulf Månsson, FME extraordinaire, is going to show us some of his Safe Software FME Minecraft and OpenStreetMap integration. We’ll have a live Minecraft server up and running for everyone to connect to and explore OpenStreetMap in Minecraft. To prepare for the hangout, download Minecraft to your computer, connect to our server, and play around in an OSM Minecraft world. The connection details to the server will be published on Friday so check back on the block to see everything.

Because of the holiday, we’ll be at a weird time this week, Friday, July 5th at 5 PM PDT. As always you can watch along on my blog and I’ll be sure to update this event with the details as we get closer. Go to the Google+ Event page to find out more.