Update on Arc2Earth (ESRI to Google Earth)

Link – Arc2Earth and ArcMap

Arc2Earth is really looking impressive Brian. I’ve just downloaded the latest beta and will hopefully give it a spin later this week when I have more time. Looks like it will be released just after the new year. Make sure you click on the link up top to Brian’s blog to see this great ArcGIS to Google Earth tool in action.

January is setting up to be a great month for GIS professionals. ArcGIS Explorer, ArcWeb Explorer and Arc2Earth (am I forgetting something?) will all be released, not to mention the ArcGIS 9.2 beta should be on our desks. Maybe most GIS bloggers can stop linking to press releases (is it just me or does it seem weird that there are Autodesk ads on an ESRI press release?) and actually start posting about interesting stuff… :

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