Update on Arc2Earth Publisher

I’ve been beta testing A2E publisher for the past week and I have to say I’m in love with it. The ability to take ANY ArcMap view or layout and publish it to Google Maps, Virtual Earth (3D Included), OpenLayers and of course KML. Just publish and A2E creates a webpage to send to users. They can choose if they want Google Maps, Google Earth, Virtual Earth or even Open Layers.


One of the problems with just sending KML is not everyone can use or has Google Earth as an option. While it is true you can use Google Maps to view KML, it still needs some work. A2E Publisher allows you options (you don’t have to offer all the choices if you don’t wish) so that you can be pretty sure people can view the maps. I think I’ll find myself using PDF and ArcGIS Publisher much less when this gets out of beta, that is for sure. Check Brian Flood’s blog for some screenshots and more information about A2E Publisher.

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