UPDATED! Stand Up for Atanas Entchev

UPDATE: More news on Atanas from Bill Dollins. Randal Hale was able to login to the ENTCHEV blog and post a note. Caitlin Dempsey also has an entry on GIS Lounge. Please don’t forget to send in a support letter making sure you put your signature to it. Hopefully this can all get figured out for Atanas and his family.

Both Atanas and his wife may be in detainment!

John Reiser blogs about a serious matter happening to a close friend of all of us, Atanas Entchev.

Last week, I received an email from Mayia, his wife, asking for letters of support as he is facing deportation.

Says Mayia:

I am writing you on behalf of my husband, Atanas Entchev, and our family. As you may know, Atanas and I emigrated to the U.S. from Bulgaria 20 years ago. Today, our immigration case is at a crossroads, and it is pertinent that we obtain letters of recommendation from the community. I am reaching out to you because you have been a colleague, client, or valued business contact of Atanas?. I am hoping you may be able to write a letter of recommendation for him. Time is of the essence, and it it crucial that we gather these letters as soon as possible, by today would be best.

There are instructions on that page letting you know what you need to do to help out Atanas. If you’ve ever had any interaction with Atanas, I’d urge you to give him some help. I’m going to write my support email right now.

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