Use TileMill to Create WeoGeo Tilepacks

I’ve professed my love of TileMill maybe once or twice before. One thing that I’ve always wanted was a way to create WeoGeo tilepacks in TileMill. Arc2Earth currently has rudimentary support for creating WeoGeo tiles, but it still requires some work. Dan Dye has put together a workflow to create a nice simple WeoGeo tilepack using TileMill and how you can upload it to your free library. Then once you’ve got that listing uploaded, you can easily share it using the new WeoGeo widgets like Dan did with the one below.
TIGER CONUS via TileMill

That’s a great, simple way to get sharing your data with other users. If you’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to use TileMill outside of the MBTiles format, take a look at Dan’s post. It is a great starting point.

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