Using AJAX with ArcIMS

Link – ArcIMS & AJAX

Well, now that everyone and their mother has seen Googlemaps, all I keep hear from my clients is “can you make it pan like googlemaps?”. To be honest, I had thought about doing something exactly like it several years back, but dismissed the idea thinking no one would really want that anyway. Boy, was I wrong.

Jason over at ROK Technologies wants to know if anyone is currently using AJAX with ArcIMS (or ArcGIS Server). We’ve started moving that way with our latest ArcIMS project using AJAX.NET, but we haven’t really progressed far (a little MapObjects project took up some time over the past month). I’m also not really interested in spending too much time developing my own AJAX ArcIMS site since the new ADF with 9.2 should make this all much simpler.

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