Using ArcWeb Explorer

A friend of mine has been in Spain, checking out all the sites. Well when I heard there was a Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, I had to learn more. Well Google did get me to their website, but that didn’t help me at all because I had no idea where Bilbao was. My first thought was to put the address in Google Maps, but I got a weird “Sorry we don’t have maps at this zoom level” for Spain (I guess they don’t have as good world coverage as I thought). Anyway, the same problem occurred with Live Local (aka Virtual Earth). I didn’t have Google Earth on this computer so I was getting really frustrated. Then I though, what about ArcWeb Explorer? I took the address, loaded it into an Excel file and then uploaded that into ArcWeb Explorer. Bingo!

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in ArcWeb Explorer

How cool will this be when the JavaScript API is out or the SVG viewer? I’m lucky that I live in a USA centric world so I usually never see how hard it is to use some of these mapping services. Glad to see at least one has great data for the rest of the world.

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