Using Fiona with WeoGeoAPI

Over on the WeoGeo, Dan Dye has a new post about using Fiona with the WeoGeoAPI.

Since “JSON objects and Python dictionaries are semantically and syntactically similar”, working with JSON is a pleasure in Python and it is trivial to turn the geographic features returned from the WeoGeo API into GeoJSON. But sometimes you just want a Shapefile. You don’t have to be ashamed. I do too and I’m going to share with you the fastest, most intuitive, and most Pythonic method that exists to turn those geographic features into a Shapefile: enter Fiona.

Using one of the free datasets (TIGER) on WeoGeo Market, Dan was able to convert the JSON to a Shapefile that he could use with other projects. If you’ve been looking at a quick and easy way to get started with the awesome that is Fiona, check out Dan’s tutorial.

Dan's Python Script

Just a couple lines of python code and you’ve got Shapefiles!

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