VirtualEarth plug-in for NASA World Wind

I’ve been getting a couple of people saying I don’t blog about NASA World Wind. Well you are wrong, I did have one post back in July ‘05. cough

Anyway, since I did get an email from a WorldWind fan about this new VirtualEarth plug-in for World Wind I’ll go ahead and post it. Casey Chesnut has a great write up on how he created the plug-in and how he figured out to serve the tiles. And not only that I’m very impressed. Its fast, easy to use (well the install could work better, but its not hard at all) and allows average users to get more functionality out of World Wind.

NASA WorldWind VirtualEarth Hybrid

NASA WorldWind Virtual Earth Map

I really do need to get back on the World Wind wagon so I’ve created a post category and I’ll try and post some more especially after checking out more plugins.

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