Visiting the In-Laws

I’m heading out first thing tomorrow to visit the in-laws in Prue, OK. We’ll be visiting my wife’s Grandmother’s farm (yes that is a dirt road in front of it). Its been pretty cold there so I’m a little nervous as I don’t have the proper clothing (I had a jacket on today here in Tempe and the high is about 75F) as it will be 36F there tomorrow. Anyway I won’t be around for the rest of the week/weekend as I’m not even bothering to bring my laptop (their phone line dates from the Truman Administration and last time I was there I could not get a signal on my Verizon Wireless PC Card (Analog only in the area). At least there will be good eating (not too healthy, but bacon is part of every meal). Try and not go too nuts in that Manifold comments ok? 😉


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