Walt Eis Starts Creating a PHP ArcWeb Mashup

Link – ArcWeb Public Services – Part 0.1

There are several things I still need to figure out, like how to zoom and pan, but my first impressions are pretty positive. I was able to take the data I used for my Google Maps sample project and use it in my ArcWeb sample without too much trouble. As Andrea did, I’m using a simple text file, but will likely end up using a MySQL database for my location data. It seems that not all the map data advertised on ESRI’s sales site is available right now, but my understanding from the FAQs is that more will be available later.

Looks like people are finally starting to create mashups using Public ArcWeb Services. Walt has made some headway putting points on his map and is now starting to look at creating some more functionality (pan/zoom/etc). I’m sure Walt’s been using it, but anyone who wants to learn more about ArcWeb can take a look at the ArcWeb Online Help or check out the ESRI Support Forums.

Walt’s ArcWeb demo is located here. Compare this to his previous Google Maps efforts.

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