Weekly Microsoft Virtual Earth Update

Seems like the Microsoft Virtual Earth team is really pumping out the updates this month. This week we have some 3D updates. I noticed this morning when I started up VE3D I got the two following message boxes:



Looks like Microsoft is detecting your hardware and giving you the option of a less graphic intense choices in case you are still on that old Intel P-III.

When the VE3D first appeared, I was complaining about how the model of the Colosseum was great, but it was on a very low resolution aerial. Well no longer:



The Virtual Earth Blog says that there is now over 20TB of imagery for almost all of Italy. The VE Team is right, Mt. Vesuvius is just stunning.


The other famous volcano, Etna is also in high-res:


Lake Como is of course beautiful, but the terrain model could use some updating.


The Italian Alps are covered, and you get just enough into Switzerland to capture the Matterhorn. I’m no expert, but I assume the terrain model is still not good enough.


Italy is such a beautiful country and having the whole peninsula and islands in high-res makes it look even better.

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