Where is the ESRI Sandbox?

Link – TerraServer Download for ArcGIS 9.0 (Version2) via ArcScripts

I was just thinking as I was using this extension that finding extensions, scripts, and other software created by ESRI is very difficult. Much of this gets lost in the ArcScripts and overlooked by many GIS users. Thomas Emge’s TerraServer Download toolbar is excellent and includes the source code if you want to use it for your own projects. I’m sure there is a ton of similar projects that exist both on ArcScripts and on many workstations at ESRI. It would be nice if there was a place ESRI developers could upload these projects in a sandbox were users could play with them (with the understanding that anything in the toolbox isn’t supported by ESRI). Anything from ArcGIS Desktop to the server and development products could be there for users to look and and implement in their own workflows and projects.

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