Yahoo! Maps now has satellite imagery

About time! I actually use Yahoo! maps more than probably all the rest because I like the interface. Now I can at least take a look at imagery from areas I’m traveling to. The imagery isn’t as detailed as Google’s or ESRI’s in urban areas, but it does seem better in rural Texas where my in-laws live. As with Microsoft, Yahoo! focuses on the continental USA so if you live somewhere else, you usually don’t get as good imagery. That said you can finally use Yahoo! Maps outside the USA for basic mapping (the imagery isn’t good by any means) and it does sound like they are working to improve it.

**Update: ** Philip says in the comments that, “Yahoo has added international support for their maps and geocoder.” meaning that you can now use the geocoder in many countries now. Head over to his blog post to read more.

Yes, that is a satellite image in yahoo maps

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