You should post more about ArcMap!

I got an interesting email from a reader who wants me to post more about ArcMap (I assume more about ArcGIS Desktop rather than the server products).

James, how come you don’t talk more about ArcMap? I’m no programmer so all this mapserver stuff is way over my head. How about posting some ArcMap templates or geoprocessing models that you find? Keep up the excellent work,

We’ll I’d love to, but there isn’t really that much info out there beyond what is posted on the ESRI Support Forums. I don’t know of any ESRI bloggers who are part of the Desktop team so I can’t really link to any of them either.

Derek brings up an interesting idea about posting templates and models. The ESRI site doesn’t really have a section for people to upload their templates or share models (beyond the one’s that ESRI posts). I won’t go into my rant about the ArcScripts page, but why not add a section for templates and models? There are a ton of products in the ArcScripts that aren’t really scripts or programming code so you might want to look there for things, but a separate section for templates or models would be interesting. Jack Dangermond was up on the User Conference stage a couple years ago saying how we should share out models with each other, so how about a way to do so?

I’ll keep my eye out Derek for some more ArcGIS desktop news, but beyond PR emails and RSS feeds there isn’t much out there.

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