zigGIS 2.0 coming soon

PostgreSQL is about to get really integrated into ArcGIS workflows in 2008. First off we have ArcGIS Server Enterprise (ArcSDE) which will support PostgreSQL (ESRI and PostGIS data types) and now we have zigGIS 2.0 which will support PostGIS/PostgreSQL without the need for the traditional “ArcSDE” connection.

First and foremost, the zigGIS codebase will remain open. Secondly, personal and educational use of zigGIS will remain free…

As for our corporate users – you will need to purchase licenses per seat. Licenses will fall somewhere below $300 each. We hope this keeps zigGIS affordable to those organizations that require heavy-duty GIS capabilities. (don’t forget that the use of PostGIS + zigGIS saves you from all ArcSDE licensing costs)

If you are in an enterprise environment, ArcGIS Server Enterprise probably makes a ton of sense (especially in the ESRI server stack), but in smaller offices and workgroups why pay for all that overhead you are not using?

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