A Quick Look at 2009 ESRI International User Conference Exhibitors

While waiting for ArcGIS Server to cut my tile cache, I thought I’d look at who is exhibiting at the 2009 ESRI User Conference. A couple caught my eye.

  • BlackBerry – If only they were going to demo a real ESRI API on their phone.
  • DeLorme – I’m really interested in seeing their ArcGIS Online map service. Great worldwide cartography is worth paying for.
  • Microsoft – .NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008 Spatial and Visual Studio 2010 are much more interesting than Microsoft Maps for Enterprise. (side note for ESRI/Microsoft – Silverlight is dead to me until it can print)
  • Pictometry – I’m a sucker for those oblique views
  • Safe Software – FME is the key for really sharing ESRI data with the world
  • TouchTable – Every year I look and wish I could have one.

Who is missing? Sun and I assume it is because they are now Oracle. I didn’t see Google either as well (nor SketchUp).

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